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1 Timothy 2:5
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“….whenever I discern a sounder opinion in any matter whatsoever, I gladly and humbly abandon the earlier one. For I know that those things I have learned are but the least in comparison with what I do not know.” -- Jan Hus (aka John Huss, martyred by the established church for his unwaivering faith in the Word of God and the Biblical Christ, 1415)

Hello beloved... As a former Roman Catholic, I created because once my husband and I, by the grace of God alone, came to understand and embrace the Biblical gospel of salvation [from the wrath of God, through repentant faith in the Lord Jesus Christ], it became very clear that while we both grew up in "religious" families, a great deal of what we believed about God was skewed and distorted by the meddling imaginations of sinful humans. Both of us turned away from the traditional “religion” our families hold dear once we reached the age where we felt no one could tell us what to do anymore... and we both pretty much turned our backs on God until around 2002, when God intervened in our lives and turned us in the right direction.

The fact of the matter is that everyone’s understanding of God is utterly perverted by the presence of sin in us -- the overarching desire to do what we feel is right in our own eyes, and create a God (or an existence absent of the presence of God) of our own liking. Unfortunately, that doesn’t take us off the hook, as God is God and ultimately, expects everyone to acknowledge Him as He has revealed Himself.  And so God, knowing that each and every one of us would ultimately create a god of our own liking, condescended to lay "reality" out clearly for all of mankind... “speaking our language” through the Biblical scriptures, so that when we find we are wrong, we are clearly presented with the opportunity to either submit, or rebel. Either way, we are all without excuse, because with the Word of God freely available to us, discerning reality is not actually very complicated... although, it is completely impossible without God’s intervention.

In a nutshell, the Bible teaches that:

God, before the world existed, determined that He would create a "people" for Himself (called "man").  He would create man in His image and likeness, holy and blameless, for His enjoyment, with the intent that through man, He would demonstrate His glory through man's magnificent complexity and beauty, and through man's delight in Him, and man delighting in God was to be the source of supreme joy for man. And so it was a perfect plan.

God created the world, and everything in it, and everything surrounding it, and once the environment was perfect to sustain all living creatures, He created man, in order to best display His glory among mankind and all of the other creatures He formed, whether it be upon the earth, in the skies, in the seas, and in the spiritual realm.  The first man was named Adam, and he was the "head" of the family of all mankind that would follow.

God established a holy standard by which man would both glorify God and preserve perfect holiness and perfection, and live for all eternity at peace and joy, in complete unhindered fellowship with God.  God, through His commands, made it clear that if man ever disobeyed His commands, he would surely die, breaking the bond of peace between God and man.

Satan, the most glorious of God's angelic servants, rebelled against God by claiming autonomy from God, leaving his rightful position in God's established order of things.  Satan was condemned by God and cast out of Heaven, down to the world.  Sin entered into man's realm when Satan entered the earthly regions.

Satan determined to bring man down with him, since God had created man in His image. Satan tempted man to sin (to disobey God and rebel against His absolute authority) by tempting him to question the Command of God and then, outright telling man that what God had said (if you rebel, you will surely die) was not true -- but that the very opposite was true (if you rebel, you will NOT surely die). Man, seeing that Satan’s plan seemed better than God’s, succumbed to the temptation, rejecting the command of God, and because God is God, the curse of God was upon him. Man would be condemned for his sin.  This was not a surprise to God, as He is absolutely sovereign over everything that happens in creation. And so therefore, we must consider the possibility that God allowed sin into the world in order to demonstrate aspects of His glory (infinite justice, grace and mercy, for example), that would otherwise not have been displayed, hadn't sin entered the world.

All of mankind, under the “family headship” of Adam, was therefore condemned to death, because from there on in, all of mankind would have the curse of sin within them.  Think of it as "spritual cancer," which is passed along through the generations, due to the affliction of the first one exhibiting the deadly cancer.  And so, quite literally, we are a world full of living, breathing, walking, talking dead men.  The Bible also says that because of sin, we are blind and deaf to spiritual realities and that we are all God’s enemies, because we have chosen to rebel against Him.  Mankind is continually at war with His maker, and due to sin, he is completely helpless to rectify this situation.

However, God, in His infinite goodness, wisdom and power (and because His initial intent to have a people for Himself for all of eternity would not, and could not be thwarted), revealed to man that He would provide a Savior to pay the debt that would bring forgiveness of sin and eternal life to those God had chosen for Himself. 

The volumes of the Biblical scripture demonstrate God's holy character, His infinite justice, grace, and mercy, and His unfailing preservation of all of those He had chosen for Himself... and they continually point forward to, and reveal more details about, the chosen Savior. The Biblical scripture provides multiple hundreds of prophetic promises with respect to the Chosen One, who would, through a perfect, sinless life, fulfill God's perfect standard of holiness in obedience to God's commands, and then, be put to death in order to pay the ransom price for the people of God -- because it was necessary that, in order for God to forgive the sin of His chosen people, there would have to be a new "Head" of this family of forgiven people. This new Head would then "become sin" for them, and experience death in their place.  This Savior would then be resurrected from death, due to His perfect righteousness, and be seated upon the throne of the absolute authority of God Almighty, as His King.

The Bible reveals that this chosen Savior, this Almighty King seated in the position of absolute authority over all Heaven and all the Earth, is God Almighty wrapped in human flesh: the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, in fulfillment of hundreds of Biblical scriptural prophecies, was born of a virgin, in the prophetically determined geographical location of Bethlehem in Israel. He would, according to the scripture, live a perfectly righteous life, draw many sinful followers (many of whom would otherwise be considered the scum of the Earth) unto Himself, and then willingly offer Himself, in perfect obedience to God the Father, to be betrayed, condemned to death, tortured through beatings, whippings and scourgings, humiliated, taunted, mocked, and crucified upon a horrible cross, all of His divine lifeblood having been poured out of His body. He was put to death for the sins of His people, and willingly accepted that assignment for His life.  Because He knew the glory that awaited Him, according to God’s holy word.

After Christ died an agonizing death on the cross, He was buried, and after three days in the tomb, in fulfillment of the Biblical scriptures, God raised Him to life again, allowed Him for a number of days to make His resurrection sure to those who dwelled upon the earth at that time, and then, in full view of hundreds of witnesses, as recorded in the Biblical scriptures, took Him into the Heavens and seated Him as King, in the very throne of absolute authority over everything that ever has been, or ever will be created.  God the Father also granted Jesus Christ the position of Judge over all of creation.

God Almighty’s promise is that all those who repent, submit to the Lordship (absolute authority) of God’s chosen King, the Lord Jesus Christ, and place their faith in His substitutionary death and resurrection, will be saved from the curse of the wrath of God. They will forever be at peace with God because they have come to Him not by their own righteousness, but because they have exchanged their sin for the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All those who are truly saved will demonstrate the fruit of repentance. That is... an utter change of their inward being will be demonstrated by an utter change in their motives, which will unquestionably bring a change in their thoughts, which will unquestionably bring a change in behavior.  Don’t let anyone sell you a false bill of goods.  I would love to hear from you. Please write to me at admin [at] truthislove [dot] org.

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